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You know when you feel pointless and useless,When no matter how hard you try do every thing you try to do it gets shot down or taken away from you at a snap of a finger. I Write, Its terrible, I Draw It looks like a kindergarteners work, I Play games its a stupid waste of time,I Practice Mixed martial arts You'll never be good,Stop trying to be someone special, I speak,Thats now how your spouse to sound or be,I Change my clothes to a different style, Your just trying to be someone else, I Try to help,No thanks you never try any other time, I Do good on anything such as work or school work,Now keep doing that and you'll be fine,I Do bad Why aren't you trying hard,Just pay attention Every time I do something wrong or right it doesn't matter its stupid and useless I guess just like how I am,What I am saying I guess is not for attention its to say As a rant or just that im useless I don't know yet....

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Noble six, Spartan D-256 Walked down the hill into the Brown and burned Meadow, or what used to be. The Spartan sighed as he looked at Reach’s beautiful sun glisten over the nearly glassed planet’s surface from His Location it didn’t take long for elites to seek out him with a few hapless Grunts. He sprayed them with bullets watching them fall and die He turned around surprised when a Blue armored infantry elite punched his head cracking his helmet’s visor he socked the elite in the head twisting it hard to the left with the force of the strike killing near instantly. A few plasma bolts flew by, he listened to them as they flew by his body He took off his helmet with a heavy sigh, its HUD useless broken. He looked up to see a Ultra running at him he moved quickly picking up his Assault rifle the Spartan loaded the Ultra with lead that had ran towards him. He Continued to fire the rifles round pounding into its chest making it collapse. The Spartan heard An Elite general with its energy sword drawn sneaking up behind him, He leaped backwards with an elbow using his weight and the metal on his elbow to knock the elite down. The Spartan pulled out his magnum popping a few rounds into the Covenant General before being Shot with purple and Blue plasma bolts He recoiled growling from the annoyance of pain caused by a Blue and a Maroon elite he quickly pulled out his MG6 Magnum taking out the Elite to his right And then spraying the one to his left with his rifle Just as a Another blue elite threw him off his feet ready with An energy dagger He planted his foot into the elites chest kicking him off seeing a Zealot class elite. It kind of came to a surprise to him when he realized that he was that important to kill that they needed to send a Zealot and General’s after him. He quickly stopped thinking and just had enough time to Smack away the Zealot, Making the energy sword fly off a few feet maybe a meter. Noble six Grunted as he rolled out of the way of the energy sword that belonged to the blue elite from before plunging towards him, smacking at the elite before quickly rolling out of the way of another Spartan seeking energy sword Seeing it was still the Zealot class Elite He Kicked it, Pulling out his knife slamming it into its neck. He felt a moment of relief as he watched another energy sword sliced through the air towards him. He caught the elites arm breaking it and slammed the sword through the Elites chest killing it nearly instantly. A Arbiter stood at his helmet staring him down the only last remaining enemy he had to face “You ready to join your comrades?” he taunted the elite, holding his rather large kukri knife that once belonged to his teammate Emile A-239 Remembering how he watched his teammate get impaled From behind with the energy sword and then even in death Emile would not let the enemy get away, He had slammed the knife into the elites neck And fell to the floor with it All while shouting “I’M READY! HOW BOUT YOU!?” his teammate was ready to stay behind for six but it was cut short. Six barely had time to react in the middle of the his flashback as the elite swung at the air as noble six leapt backward at the failed attempt to end it Noble six tackled the elite making him drop the traditional sword used by elites. He got on top of him and slammed his knife into his chest driving it home and then jabbing it into the elite’s neck before it could recover. Noble Six Stood up realizing this all could have went down so differently...With him dead and the elites going on Their way…He holstered the knife then picked up his helmet And checked out the cracks on his visor seeing it as nearly unusable but put it on anyway, And then walked off in search of a way off reach so he could continue his service to his pillar of autumn. He had found a grounded, pelican sticking on the ground with no marines or any UNSC At that, quickly jogging over he got into the ship. He wasn’t much of a Pilot but he still knew somewhat how to fly. He got into it and sat down in the seat setting the helmet down onto the dash board of the Pelican, Reminding him of his fellow Spartan Jorge-056 Remembering what he said ‘Reach has been good to me time to return the favor, tell them to make it count.’ He told six before throwing him in to space “I’m sorry Jorge.” He wandered aloud letting some sorrow creep into his voice. He sighed as he flew off changing the pelican’s thruster strengths as he went through the planet’s atmosphere layers. He flew towards where he knew the Pillar of Autumn was going towards seeing them on his radar sighing in relief as he flew closer hearing a voice crackle over the radio “Identify Yourself, Pilot.” A Pilot said Demandingly, Six understood why so…Quick and tempered they had to be careful to not let a bunch of elites onto the ship.
“Spartan 256 Ready to dock aboard the pillar of autumn to continue duty aboard the Pillar of Autumn.” He replied calmly, keeping the exchange formal and short waiting for reply
“A Spartan?” the pilot said surprised. 256 heard commotion over the mic and then Captain Jacob Keyes Came over the Communications unit “Good to see you again Spartan, We thought we had lost you.” He said mellow as usual but knew to win a battle you needed to be calm and tactical. “We’ll meet you down in docking by ten through fifteen.” He said before closing the link.
Noble six sped up as fast as he could getting closer to the moving ship going into the ship landing gently in side of it by turning it around landing down a bit roughly but in one Piece. The Spartans hand met with the lever to open the back Hatch, He put on the helmet walking towards the crew of Marines and Captain Keyes “Sir.” He saluted one of the most famous legendary tactician’s in UNSC History making it very honorable for him to be here. Keyes gave him a look up and down “Welcome aboard the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.” He said proudly “Now go get geared up quickly Spartan I got a feeling this isn’t over yet.”  D-256 nodded and gave him a solid nod before marching off his arm’s control and built in data pad updating with the pillar of autumns map allowing him to go to find his way to Armor maintained without much problem. The Spartan removed his helmet sliding it to the Armor Quarter Master “I Want a Hazard OPS Helmet.” He said keeping his face Stern and emotionless.
“Coming right up Spartan.” He replied going into the back, coming back a few minutes later with a blue Hazard OPS Helmet “Thank you Quarter master.” The Spartan said sliding on his helmet. Noble six made his way down to Armor Configuration needing to Calibrate and Readjust his armor and Shields. He made his way into the room as Master Chief Aka S-117 “Chief.” He nodded to him “Sir.” He said as he waited for chief to finish his calibration of his armor and his shield. He stepped out of the pad Noble six stepped in and turned around as the two large tesla coils Spun around him recharging his shield and then shocked it back to nothing making sure it would recharge at the rate it should go. He waited patiently for the machine to slowly stop its movement before stepping out Master Chief waiting at the Bridge for Noble six.
He jogged up the corridor “Six.” Was all Chief said to him “You look like hell.” He Said Under the Mark VI Helmet
“Your one to talk Chief. “ He said smiling under the helmet as they enter the Bridge Captain Keyes met them as he turned around.
A Small blue Lady stood on a holographic Display podium “This is Cortana, The A.I You Delivered Spartan.” Referencing to Noble six. “And I Want both of you to protect her, We Have made Two Exact Copies of This human A.I If it falls into Enemy hands you can kiss earth goodbye.” The Captain of the pillar of autumn continued talking “But she has valuable data about everything covenant ships and Weapon prototypes, All of it…Including the maps to all of our major colonies and Halsey’s Research Data, but most importantly earth.” He said looking at them both “Now Spar-“Captain Keyes was cut off when the ships power Dimmed and went back online “Go, Chief Take Her.” He said handing Chief his Chip and then Handing Noble six his chip As he Slide it into the back of his helmet They both turned and jogged off, Six Had his Magnum still on him Pulling it out seeing grunts just outside the bridge.   He quickly popped them both killing them with two Headshots causing them to fall over in a heap of Grunt and Green Gas. He quickly pulled out the used magazine and slapped in a fresh one pulling the slider back cocking the pistol in one easy motion.  He made it down to the Escape pods looking around seeing a group of Marines He ran towards them getting into the escape pod with them.
Within moments they were shot down out of the ship flying towards this new Planet unknown to by humans going toward the ‘Halo’ is what it appeared to be and looked like he stayed standing as the ship reached the ground flying over trees and rocks. Cortana’s started talking to the super solider though his coms link “Might want to sit down you are not the only one in your Armor Six.”
He stayed standing “You'll be fine.” He said in his normal tone As they began to crash into the ground near a cliff nearly falling in as the pod crashed into the fine soil Noble Six leapt into action turning around and began to sprint out the back door jumping out the Few marines that were still alive and were smart and quick enough to unbuckle and jump out Got out a Total of 3 Out of 7
A Marine shouted as the pod went over the edge “I’m Stuck!” He shouted reaching out the door “Help me!” He shouted.  He charged after the pod narrowly missing his hand the marine inside the pod slipped off the edge into A Lake. D-256 Was a bit in shock on his knees looking over the cliff as the pod fell
“AHHHHH NOOO!” The trooper shouted as he hit the water a ways down
Noble six slowly got up looking at the three marines “Lets go.” He ordered Walking forward through the green Lush grass. He saw a Metal Cat walk connecting the land masses with a canal underneath it making a water fall he quickly began to jog “Beware Spartan there are multiple Covenant signatures on the radar.” She warned Her Carrier as he walked towards them seeing a Elite with a Small grunt making up one of the most common Covenant patrols. All three of his fire team members Shot in a synchronized burst of Seven each making up the total rounds shot killing the grunts and wiping the elites shield out the Spartan aimed his magnum shooting its head killing it he walked up the hill to find another drop pod with trails of covenant bodies and dead marines. D-256 Engaged the covenant with his MA5C Standard Assault rifle Letting Rounds burst five shots at a time. To his left he had multiple grunts and one blue shield wielding jackal, he quickly defused the situation by throwing a frag grenade and blow the group up saving the group of marines nearby from any needler shards or plasma bolts. The super solider approached the small group of troops made up of three Marines making the count up to six.
A Marine looked at the Spartan before speaking “There are a few of the drops pods down the way.
Another one that held a M90 Shot gun along with his M6G Pistol. “Need any assistance Spartan?
“That won’t be needed, go rally at the Main wreck and help any survivors.” He ordered the solider saluted them as they jogged by before moving on his way to help any survivors.
Halo reach Objective:Survive
All rights go to Bungie. I Made this because alot of time i think of how different the ending could of gone if noble six had acted differently.

Wouldn't mind some feed back.
Im testing out my skills and i wouldnt mind getting back some feedback.

Spartan 256 Grinning under his Hazard ops Helmet fitted with a Tactical Uplink.The colors  his  Mijonor armor had were a cool ice blue and Carbon black He jumped off the pelican he held his Assault rifle Ready for anything aiming it as he moved hearing the Clanking of his armor against the metal floor.He took off into a sprint to meet the Covenant.A Few plasma bolts and Needler Shards flew by as he Bobbed and weaved thought the attack,The spartan let a few rounds loose from his Magnum as he pulled it out  from its Magnetic tether Taking down an elites shield and then killing with a head shot.256's Shields flutter as he was Pepperd with plasma Bolts from an elite and a grunt,He Pivoted on his heel lighting them up with his MA5C,Combat rifle he Watched as the Elite fell having rounds pounded into its Torso.The grunt began to flee,Which was stopped shortly after a Burst of bullets pounded its back popping its gas tank.He started moving forward a Brute kill team spotting him,He removed his clip and slapped in a fresh mag into both his Rifle and His Pistol alike.
I Dont have Enough Oc's And I Wouldlike to borrow some Comment with their Bio

I Know some of you Read my old stuff,That was All Garbage,I Trashed 'Em Wanna start the new year off Good with some Stories

Also Wouldnt mind some Ideas.

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